Eno-gastro tours

Roads of pleasure

Living on the windswept land, flogged by historic storms, the local population has not forgotten to nurture traditional values. Hard-working and resourceful, the native inhabitants carefully studied the newcomers who came with the most diverse intentions. The native population absorbed what seemed useful to them and adjusted it to their everyday lives.

The diversity of influences, habits and customs was beneficiary and led to a varied cuisine, which can satisfy the most demanding palates increasingly looking for healthy food and clean unspoilt nature.
The atmosphere of natural beauty and cultural heritage in Kvarner created the basis for the launch of tourism, which has the longest tradition in Croatia. Modern tourist nomads, now staying at local resorts where European crowned heads and aristocracy were once the first visitors, are increasingly seeking and tasting selected meals and drinks that are prepared using the benefits of preserved nature.

Experienced gastronomists and gourmands, who have tasted delicacies on all the parallels and meridians of the blue planet, agree that the flavors of Kvarner shrimps and quality fish are unique and unforgettable.
It has long been known that when one wants to become acquainted with the soul of a region, one must observe its architecture and learn where its people live, visit the monuments there to experience the spirit of their history and visit the markets, restaurants and taverns to find out what the people eat.

Along with a tour of the best restaurants, we also offer visits to small taverns and inns where You will experience a warm-hearted welcome and enjoy some delicious meals that are reminders of our childhood. We organize visits to numerous winemakers and wine cellars, where You can get acquainted with the Vrbnik ┼żlahtina wine and other products (sparking wine, brandy, etc.). The vineyards that reach the shores of the sea are real monuments of the miraculous work of human hands that have taken the earth from stone and brambles. A great song of wine that has been echoing here since ancient times, is an overture to the orchestrated gastronomic symphony that weaves an unforgettable mixture of the smell and taste of this region.

Mediterranean cuisine is an ideal choice for all lovers of culinary and enophilic pleasures - look for them here in the exotic shrines of Kvarner's gastronomy.
We will help You to find good dining spots and enjoy tasty flavors at small family farms, where sheep or cow cheese of recognizable taste is made, where excellent virgin olive oil is used to grease grilled fish or where You can simply buy homemade fruit jams.