Terms and conditions

1. Molaris Travel DMC tourist agency, Dubašljanska 76, 51511 Malinska (the agency), deals with mediation and execution of reservations in its own name and on behalf of others and thus provides the guest with accommodation according to the published information available on the website www.island-krk-vacations.eu except in case of exceptional circumstances (war, riots, strikes, terrorist actions, sanitary disturbances , natural disasters, interventions by competent authorities, death or illness of the service provider, etc.).

2. Reservations and payment
Inquiries for booking accommodation are sent electronically by filling out the form on the agency's website, in writing by fax or in person at the agency's office. After receiving the inquiry, the agency will check the availability of the requested service and confirm the requested service to the guest or offer alternative options. If the guest agrees with the offer, it is necessary to send the final confirmation and all the information required by the reservation process to the agency, and by confirming the reservation, he also confirms that he is familiar with the General Terms and Conditions for the provision of accommodation services, as well as the Data Protection and Privacy Policy, and that he accepts them in full. After receiving the confirmation of the reservation from the Guest, the agency sends the Guest a proforma invoice for the advance payment with all the necessary information for making the payment. After the payment arrives at the agency's account, the agency sends the Guest a confirmation, i.e., a voucher containing information about the arrangement (host information, guest information, arrival and departure dates). To reserve accommodation, it is necessary to pay an advance payment of 15-30% of the total price of the arrangement, and the Guest pays the rest of the amount to the service provider upon arrival.
1. CASH PAYMENT at the Molaris travel DMC office, Dubašljanska 76, 51511 Malinska
2. PAYMENT VIA BANK TRANSFER TO THE AGENCY'S GIRO ACCOUNT (data for payments to the agency's bank accounts are provided to the guest on the voucher)
* bank costs of the payment are borne by the guest.

3. THE PRICE OF THE ACCOMMODATION UNIT is published with each accommodation unit and includes: daily rent, bed linen, equipped kitchen (except in the case of renting rooms without the use of a kitchen) with the necessary dishes and accessories, consumption of water, electricity and gas, and final cleaning. Special services are those services that are not included in the price of the accommodation and are available only with prior notice (e.g., fees for pets or food) and are therefore paid separately by the guest. These services should be requested at the time of booking.
Accommodation prices are published in EUR. The agency reserves the right to change the published prices (in case of a change in accommodation prices by the service provider or a change in the exchange rate). For guests who have paid an advance payment for a specific reservation, the agency guarantees the price of accommodation specified in the preliminary invoice based on which they paid the advance payment amount. If the change occurs before the advance payment, the agency undertakes to inform the guest about the price change. If more people arrive in the reserved accommodation unit than indicated on the invoice, the service provider has the right to deny accommodation to unannounced guests or to accept all guests with an additional charge for unannounced guests on the spot.
All listed prices refer to stays longer than three nights. If the stay is shorter than four nights, the price is increased by 30.00%.

The accommodation units are described according to the official categorization and the owner is obliged to display the assigned category in a visible place. The standards of accommodation, food, services and other individual countries are different and cannot be compared. Each guest should be admitted to a clean and tidy accommodation unit, and each guest will be greeted with clean sheets. For guests staying longer than one week, additional sheets and towels will be available for use. Guests arrive at the accommodation unit after 2:00 p.m. and leave it before 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure. The keys to the accommodation units are handed over at the facility itself by the owner or agency representative.

The agency can change or cancel the reserved accommodation if extraordinary circumstances occur before or during the vacation that cannot be avoided or eliminated (see point 1). The reserved accommodation can only be replaced with the guest's approval and with accommodation of the same or higher category and at the price of the accommodation at which the guest confirmed the reservation. If alternative accommodation is only possible in a higher category facility and at a price higher than the price of the reservation by 15%, the agency has the right to charge the difference in price with the prior approval of the guest. If the agency is not able to offer a replacement, the agency reserves the right to cancel the reservation with prior notice to the guest at least 7 days before the start of use of the service and guarantees a refund of the entire amount paid.
If an adequate replacement is not possible on the day the service starts, the agency will try to provide the guest with information about possible accommodation that is not offered by this agency and certainly return the entire amount paid for the reservation to the guest.

If the guest wants to change or cancel the reservation after paying the advance payment, he must do so in writing (by e-mail, mail or fax). A change includes a change in the number of people or the date of the start and/or end of using the service no later than 30 days before the start of using the service. Changing the accommodation unit and any change within 30 days before the start of the reservation and during the use of the reservation is considered a cancellation of the reservation. The first change of reservation, if possible without additional costs, will be made free of charge. For each subsequent change, the guest pays 15 EUR per change. If it is not possible to change the reservation and the guest cancels the reservation for this reason, the conditions for cancellation of the reservation are applied below.
In case of cancellation of a fixed confirmed reservation of private accommodation, the date of receipt of the written cancellation is the basis for the calculation of cancellation costs as follows:

for cancellation up to 15 days before the start of using the service, 30% of the accommodation price is charged,
• for cancellation from 14 to 9 days before the start of using the service, 50% of the accommodation price is charged,
• for cancellation from 8 to 2 days before the start of using the service, 80% of the accommodation price is charged,
• for cancellation 1 day before the start of using the service, or if the guest does not arrive or cancels within the reserved time, 100% of the total price of the accommodation is charged.

If the guest does not show up at the accommodation unit by midnight on the day of the start of the service and does not contact the agency or the service provider, the reservation is considered cancelled, and the costs are charged according to the above. If the incurred costs exceed the above-mentioned costs, the agency has the right to charge the actual incurred costs.
If, after canceling the reservation, the guest finds a new user for the same reservation, the agency will charge only the actual costs of the replacement.

7. The AGENCY'S OBLIGATION is to take care of the implementation of the services, the choice of the owner's services and the rights and interests of the guest in accordance with good customs in tourism. The OWNER'S OBLIGATION is to ensure the provision of all leased services to the guest and is responsible to the passenger for possible non-performance of the leased services or part of the services. The agency and the owner exclude any responsibility in case of changes and execution of services caused by force majeure.

8. GUEST'S OBLIGATIONS: to possess valid travel documents, comply with the customs and foreign exchange regulations of the country of destination, comply with house rules in accommodation facilities and cooperate with service providers in good faith, check whether he is eligible to enter the country of destination or neighboring countries, the guest is obliged to compensate the owner in full for any damage caused to the accommodation unit and its equipment. The guest bears responsibility and costs incurred due to failure to comply with obligations.

The agency is not responsible for luggage that is destroyed, lost, damaged or stolen in the accommodation unit.

The agency offers the guest the possibility of accepting a "package" of travel insurance, which includes the following:
health insurance for travelers during their stay in the Republic of Croatia
• luggage insurance
• insurance against the consequences of an accident
• travel cancellation insurance
As a sign of acceptance of the "package" of travel insurance, the guest affirmatively expresses this upon registration by filling out the reservation form. During the final calculation, these services will be charged separately. The guest will first familiarize himself with the price of the insurance company's services and the compensation to the agency for the services rendered. The confirmation of the paid "package" of travel insurance will be attached to the voucher and sent to the guest at his home address.

If the paid services from the offer are poorly performed or not performed at all, the guest can demand proportionate compensation by submitting a written complaint. Each guest - holder of a confirmed reservation submits a complaint separately.
Complaint procedure:
• If the guest at the destination is not satisfied with the condition of the accommodation unit, he should inform the agency immediately upon arrival, that is, he should immediately present the complaints to the owner.
• The guest is obliged to cooperate with the representative of the agency and the owner in good faith in order to eliminate the causes of dissatisfaction. If the complaint is justified and the service provided by the owner is not satisfactory, the agency will do everything to ensure that the guest receives an acceptable solution that corresponds to the service paid for by the owner. The agency or the owner may not offer the guest a service of lesser value as an alternative accommodation or service. If the guest on the spot does not accept the offered solution to the complaint that corresponds to the paid service, the agency is not obliged to accept the subsequent complaint.
• If the guest leaves the accommodation unit on his own initiative and finds another accommodation and does not give the agency a chance to solve the problem, then the guest has no right to ask for a refund or file a claim for damages.
• No later than 8 days after returning from the trip, the guest must submit a written complaint (with a signed report from the owner about the situation and any invoices about the costs incurred) to the agency, sent by e-mail to the agency's address info@molaris.com.hr or by post at Molaris travel DMC Tourist Agency, Dubašljanska 76, 51511 Malinska. The agency undertakes to resolve the complaint within 14 days from the day of receipt. The guest renounces mediation by any other person or judicial institution or providing information to the media until the organizer makes a decision. This excludes the guest's right to compensation for indirect damage. If the guest did not complain about inadequate service at the event, or if he submitted a written complaint after the expiration of 8 days after returning from the trip, the agency will not accept such a complaint.
The highest compensation per complaint can reach the amount of the advertised part of the service, and it cannot cover already used services or the entire amount of the service. This excludes the guest's right to compensation for ideal damages.

If the guest is not satisfied with how the agency handled his complaint, he has the right to initiate court proceedings. In that case, the Municipal Court in Crikvenica, Permanent office in Krk will be competent.

By paying an advance payment or the entire amount of the arrangement, the guest fully accepts these General Terms and Conditions.